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Students' Testimonials
Persional Info  |  Handwriting story
  • 对外经济贸易大学本科生三年级金融专业
  • 香港大学 亚洲研究中心 交流生
  • 演讲、分析股票、 唱歌
My View Point for this Project
  • I am so glade and honored to participate in the Business Immersion Program. The BIP introduced a lot of information about law and investment and I also change my mind on the operations of insurance company.
  • I know the importance of teamwork and nothing is impossible if we face it with our team.
  • 完成product analyses:产品手册内容概括内容使读者易懂,绘制表格。
  • 完成logo 电脑设计:利用照片剪辑软件,裁剪制作WAW的个性Logo。
  • 参加组内讨论比较,收集不同意见。