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Students' Testimonials
Persional Info  |  Handwriting story
  • 上海财经大学 会计学院 2008级本科生
  • ECC英语交流中心社团 副社长
  • 小学至初中期间 担任上海东方电视台少儿新闻节目主持
  • 阅读 弹琴 旅行 养宠物 挑战自我
My View Point for this Project
  • The BIP Project meant a lot to me!
  • It’s a memorable experience that I shall cherish forever and on.
  • During the process, I learned not only how to cooperate with my teammates, but also how to make efficient use of talents in a limited time spam. What’s more, I got a much better understanding of the current market in HK and mainland China. And I finally figured out whether working in HK or in an insurance company is suitable for me in the future, which does good to me the sooner the better.
  • 瑞士金融公司产品介绍。简要的为瑞士金融公司给类保险基金介绍。
  • 为瑞士金融公司基金的推广做市场战略策划。其中包括建议苏黎世将部分盈利用于慈善事业;开展定期员工培训;提高公司品牌形象,提高经营策略,增强投资者信心,培养长期客户群。